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How is it Thursday again, almost Friday because it’s perilously close to midnight, and I haven’t posted for a week? Where does the time go?? Yargs. (I have decided that that is probably my new favourite word. It sums up … Continue reading

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Facebook Fever

So, now I’ve succumbed to Facebook fever like the rest of the world…  I’m determined not to ket it take over my life, but that’s just inevitable, isn’t it?? 😦 There are a large number of people I have known … Continue reading

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Winding Down…

So, I find myself on Thursday night wishing that it was Friday evening, as I’m absolutely knackered and want to sleep in tomorrow. It has been some week, let me tell ya. Ofsted went well – I thought I’d get … Continue reading

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And it was fab!

Twelfth Night update — We had great seats, in the stalls on the back row, but around the side where we had a great view. I had never been to the Courtyard Theatre before, but it is a wonderful space, … Continue reading

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I’m still alive…

Just a quickie to say that I’m still here, although extraordinarily busy…  Why does EVERYTHING happen in September??  I’ve got something on every weekend, and now…  an OFSTED Inspection this week. Luckily, it’s just a one-day thing instead of the … Continue reading

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Morning ‘discussions’…

Just to settle a ‘discussion’ with my husband, and to clear up the issue in my own mind, please help me out with this one. Hubby says he’s fixed the problem of ice in the back of the fridge by … Continue reading

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Michael Eastman

Came across this guy’s work while looking for images of Miss Havisham, of all things… Beautiful.

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Us in Space

Thanks to Charles, I just found again (refound? Rediscovered!) the CBC Radio 1 science program, Quirks and Quarks, which we both used to listen to on Saturday mornings in our house growing up. (Charles – was it on about 11am? … Continue reading

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Richard and Beth Simpson

OK, so we both decided to get a makeover, and this is the outcome: This is, of course, courtesy of The Simpson’s Movie website, but I think the fashion may catch on! Lindsay and Howard have done it – anyone … Continue reading

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What’s in a name?

‘That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet…’ Romeo and Juliet Hmmm… My name is Elizabeth, which various sources name as meaning ‘God’s promise’, ‘Consecrated to God’, or ‘my God is abundance’. Certainly … Continue reading

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