Blizzards, building and babies – a busy December so far!

First, Lucy and I are back safe from a visit home to see Nana and Papa Krause, during which we were both spoiled rotten… This is worth emphasising because once again we managed to hit the vagaries of Canadian winter and had to leave the ranch a day early to avoid being caught up in the first real blizzard of the winter in southern Alberta. However, thanks to a trusty 4×4 Chevy, some good driving by Papa Krause and an understanding aunt and uncle with whom we holed up on Friday night, Lucy and I made it back to Blighty yesterday afternoon.

Second, the weather here hasn’t been great either, and is doing its darndest to hold up our building project, although as we speak the guys are braving wind and rain to finish the brickwork on the conservatory so the frame for the glass can come tomorrow. I have to say they’ve been brilliant – I hope the rest of the installation crew is as good!

And finally, babies – yes, that’s plural, as another reason we had to get back from Canada is I had my first ultrasound scan this morning at (a not-so-bright, and definitely too early when you’ve just got off a plane!) 9.30am. Here he/she is:

As with Lucy, this one seems not to like getting their picture taken, and was very wiggly, hence the rather blurry image. But, since having gestational diabetes once means I’m likely to get it again, we’re also likely to have lots more scans before Baby 2.0’s arrival, in late May or early June.

I hope the rest of December isn’t as eventful! 🙂


About Beth

Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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