Facing the Fear

Monday was a good day. Despite being tired (hey – I think that’ll last until the babby is at least 35…) I decided that I had enough of a head of steam to work on some overdue projects. So, I tackled the project that I blogged about earlier – and finished it! Here it is:

They turned out rather well, if not as perfect as I wanted. But the key thing is – she loved them! Phew…

But that’s not all! On the weekend I managed to finish two other projects as well! So, now that my hook is smoking, I feel I can bask in the glow of work done well…  at least until I have another 4 WIPs to work on…


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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5 Responses to Facing the Fear

  1. TexasRed says:

    These look SO cuddly!

  2. The color combination makes you want to snuggle up with one of those pillows!

  3. Love these. The colors are gorgeous, and what a great gift idea!

  4. Kate says:

    Great gift!
    I really like the buttons you chose –

  5. Beth says:

    Wow! Thanks everyone!

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