There is a yarn in my stash that I have A Relationship with. And not in a good way.

Things started so well with us. I had an epiphany moment of a design and An Occasion on which to wear it. The yarn fairly leapt off the shelf at me in the shop. I went home and worked feverishly to finish the vision. I put it on the night before the Occasion…

…to find that it made me look like a toad.

[insert four letter words here]

(There were several.)

Thus it languished crumpled in the bottom of my wardrobe for several months until the humiliation was replaced by enough rage to frog the entire project. I’ve been using the yarn up in little projects, but now, now I have found a project that will get rid of the spectre of toadishness forever.

THIS project has not had such a happy beginning. I have frogged and restarted it no less than three times. And now, …

… wait for it …

I. Don’t. Have. Enough. Yarn.


I feel an Incredible Hulk moment coming on…



About Beth

Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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One Response to Rant.

  1. jayaycee says:

    There is nothing more frustrating! I made myself a sleeveless shell in baby blue yarn. Put it on … your description of looking like a toad was good — except I was a baby blue toad! It’s still wadded up on the shelf. Someday I will take it apart. 😉

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