The Fear of Finishing

So, I have this project. It’s sitting patiently in its bag, waiting to be finished. In fact, all I have to do is seam it up, add some buttons, and stuff it. It is, in fact, a pillow from the PillowTalk Collection available from StitchDiva. The problem is, I’m afraid of what it will turn out like.

I’m sure lots of other people have the same problem as I do – what I envision in my head is a perfect project where the yarns match, the stitches are even, and the blocking is crisp. It may even be rendered in hazy, soft-focus lighting which enhances the beauty and perfection of the finished item.

What I often get is lumpy, lopsided and slightly garish. But I do try.

And this project is special. It’s a present for someone, and the occasion has already passed. Which means that I’m trying to get it done as soon as because I told them it was coming to force myself to get it done before the year was out. And this person is not a crafty type who would just appreciate the effort put in; they would want something that’s actually nice. (I’m starting to think I should have bought them something at Debenhams…)

What’s also getting me about this project is that thus far, things have gone very well. The yarns work. The stitches are even. I even got buttons that kinda go. BUT – after putting the first one together, I’m less than thrilled with the result. Maybe it’s the cushion insert. Maybe it’s the edging. Maybe it’s the buttons.

Maybe, like usual, I’m a little bit crap at this.

So, do I disregard the not insubstantial amount of money I spent on the yarn (because it was a special occasion) … (and because it was from Colinette) and get her something else with great apologies, or do I grit my teeth, finish the damn thing and give it to her anyway?



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4 Responses to The Fear of Finishing

  1. meli says:

    When someone gives me something hand made I think of the time and energy and frustration and love that they put into it with the realisation that time is in short supply therefore I must be important to them.

    Even if you’re not a crafty person I am sure the recipient of your gift will acknowledge that effort … and since I know you … I’m sure you’re being too hard on yourself and it is actually lovely. Just finish already and give it to them. 🙂

  2. jayaycee says:

    You know, us creative types tend to be way more hypercritical of our projects than the recipients. I’m sure she will be thrilled just to have something made by you for her. And, frankly, it cannot be as bad as your mind’s eye is making it! Finish it and give it to her with a big smile and a hug!

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