I’m excited!!

I think I FINALLY found a cardi pattern that a) I like, b) won’t drive me crazy to make, c) will actually look good on me, and d) fits my current style of stay-at-home-mum-breastfeeding-still-like-to-look-good-occasionally clothes.

Isn't is bee-ooo-tiful??

Isn't it bee-ooo-tiful??

I do love Jennifer Hansen’s designs at Stitch Diva. Too bad I won’t have enough time to make it before the wedding thingy* we’re going to next weekend. Bummer…

(*technically, they’re married. But they got married somewhere else and so are having a thingy here. And no, I can’t think of a better word at this time on a Saturday night. Sheesh.)

Oh, and BTW? @stitchdiva – the model is WAY too young AND too thin!!  😉


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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One Response to I’m excited!!

  1. jayaycee says:

    That is very cute and I love all the different ways you can wrap it and wear it. And the models are ALWAYS way too thin and too young!

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