And life goes on

So, as of the end of this month, I will be officially unemployed. I resigned as of the end of August, and my last paycheque will be coming through then.  (I love that I live in the UK and my computer just corrected my spelling of paycheque…) I’ve been surfing today looking at blogs of mums who have started their own businesses because they wanted to stay at home with their kids, and I’m feeling a little intimidated. We can survive on one income, but I’d like to be able to do things like, say, buy my clothes somewhere other than Tesco. And maybe have my own money – this will be the first time ever since moving out of my parents’ house that I will be fully reliant on someone else for money. And that’s a bit scary, really.

There is an Opportunity to get together with a friend to start a business, and I think it’s a Really Good Idea. It’s timely, works well with our existing skill sets, and has the support of our dear husbands. (And I’m not going to tell you what it is in case you’re better at it than I am!! 😛 ) But the reason I quit was because I wanted to spend time with L, not to spend even more time away from her (or juggling things – that will make me even more crazy).

I guess all this whinging comes down to this: in an ideal world I would be given as much money as I would like, free, and then I could do what I liked with my time. Like blow raspberries on a very lovely little tummy all day long, eat chocolate and not gain an ounce, and not have anyone criticise my parenting choices. Ever. (That’s not aimed at anyone we know, just at random strangers who feel they can comment on our choices. Grrr.)

But what it really comes down to is that if we go ahead with the Opportunity, I think there will come a time when I won’t be able to get anything done without the use of a childminder. Neither of us has family close enough to provide a morning or afternoon a week of child care (mine live in another country for goodness sake!), and setting aside the ethical debate of whether or not to use childcare, starting a business won’t leave much to pay for it. And the amount of time I spent sleeping on the sofa last night before going to bed kind of puts paid to the idea of working late at night…

I guess I knew that things wouldn’t be easy if I quit teaching, but the last nine months have been a lovely honeymoon in which I convinced myself that things would be this lovely forever. And unfortunately, life’s not like that. So: Unemployed English Teacher seeks Ideas and Opportunities to Make Money Without Impinging on Playtime with Child.

Seems reasonable, non??


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5 Responses to And life goes on

  1. Jon says:

    My wife and I decided a few years ago that she would stay home with our kids, and we would make a go of it with 1 income. Not only has this proved to be extremely good for the kids, but now we don’t feel rushed everyday after work to make meals and get the kids off to bed. We can’t go on fancy vacations every year, but everyone is much happier at home. It worked out very well in our case, and I hope it works out for the best in yours. 🙂

    • Beth says:

      Thanks Jon – I’m sure it’s just a bit of nerves and we’ll work it out too. I definitely don’t regret quitting!!! Just now have to deal with the consequences! 🙂

  2. Jon says:

    The hardest thing for my wife was maintaining an active life outside of the house with other adults (no kids). It’s something we took for granted while at work, but at home she had to make an effort to be around other adults. She joined a gym, volunteered at the school, joined a drama class and a few other things. She always joked about having “baby brain”, but I think she got over it. 🙂

  3. Lucy says:

    I smiled when I read this because I’ve been there and remember feeling really good about the choice to stay home yet feeling some reservations about being reliant on someone else financially. Eleven years later I’m back to working outside the home but in the past 10+ years I’ve worked part-time for others and also started my own business. My only suggestion is to always, always remember your priority and the reason you chose to travel this road – your child. If you choose your path with their best interest in mind and remember that you need to balance their needs with yours you won’t go wrong. Best of luck.

  4. jayaycee says:

    Go for it on the business opportunity. Don’t wonder later what might have happened if you had pursued it. I am a grandmother and my experience was that my kids needed me more when they were teenagers than toddlers. I have had several jobs working from home and if you can do that — make a little pocket money, have contact with grownups outside the house and still spend time with the family, you are rich!!!

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