I just did something crazy.

No, really, I did. I just entered the draw to be on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square for an hour as part of Antony Gormley’s installation artwork One and Other. If I get drawn in the next round I could have a spot any time in September – and I mean any time. People are up there 24 hours a day for the four months that it’s happening – regardless of  rain, shine, sleet, hail – you get the idea. It being summer, hopefully not snow, but you never know about the weather in Britain…

And sweetie, before you freak, I can refuse the spot if I get chosen. I checked before I signed up. I’m sorry I didn’t ask first, though.

But the impulse to try this is interesting. On one hand it’s an hour to do whatever I like as long as I’m not drunk, stoned or doing something illegal. (And no – I have no idea what I might do. Probably crochet for an hour – at least it would be uninterrrupted! – but I may also recite poetry, teach people how to do something, sing songs, do baby sign, list all my favourite recipes – have to think about this. Hmmm. Maybe just being quiet for an hour would be great!) On the other hand, is it a cheesy attempt to get people interested in art, and actively taking part in it?

Last night The Culture Show had a feature about performance art, specifically performances in which the audiences participate in the creation of the art. There is something about the in-the-moment-ness of being part of a piece of art. And also the unpredictability that having anyone/everyone that may happen by involved. And there’s also the feeling of squeamishness that comes of being on display and/or being involved in something potentially embarrassing. And while I have the opportunity, being a Working But Not Getting Paid Person (read: mom) for a while, maybe I should take some opportunities to do things that are a bit out of my comfort zone, and to explore what it means to be me-minus-a-job. That I get paid for, I mean. Hence the signing up. We’ll see where that goes, I guess…

On a separate note, I had my leaving ‘thing’ from work today, and I came to a realisation. Now that I’m ‘just’ a mom, I’m getting less sleep, working longer hours and have about 10% of the stress I did when getting paid for what I did.

And job satisfaction?? Through. The. Roof.

(Smug? Maybe just a little… 😀 )


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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One Response to I just did something crazy.

  1. Anne Peat says:

    Go for it! We’ll come and watch!

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