Still in Canada, land of ice and snow…

… at least for now. I’m experiencing the weird occurrence of being at home at my mom and dad’s with the baby sans husband.
For those who don’t know, all of us were due to fly home this week after a ‘pass the baby around’ visit to the home country when Lucy contracted RSV and was hospitalised for four days. In most people, the virus passes as a cold, but it’s particularly dangerous in small babies where it can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia. Lucy had a truly terrible cough, and on the second trip to the emergency room (at a different hospital this time) we were admitted and properly checked over. (If you are ever ill in southern Alberta, Brooks Health Centre is the place to go – seriously.) Lucy had oxygen, as well as Ventolin and epinephren nebuliser treatments, and was well enough to come out of hospital on Thursday, after three nights. She was prescribed Ventolin, but so far hasn’t needed any today – an excellent sign!
So, now we have the extremely hard task of putting up with being pampered endlessly, cuddled enormously and fed large amounts of food for the next week. Seriously though, it is lovely that mom and dad have this extra time with Lucy, even if the reason isn’t fab. And for me, it’s odd to be here without Richard, but very familiar as well – and someone has to teach a certain person about their Canadian heritage! 🙂


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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