So, it’s been a while…

Looking at the dates, it’s been a while since I posted. That may be because I’ve spent the last year being pregnant and giving birth and learning how to look after a small person who takes up a lot of time and space. (And much of my heart – I’m sure to get very soppy about it at times…) It may also be because it’s true that pregnancy hormones rot your brain – for someone who has read 50 novels in a year on top of a full time teaching job, I was unable to focus on a plot more complex than ‘see spot run’ until just recently. The 2 am feeds may also have something to do with that, but since I have now regained the ability to string a sentence together and embraced the sleep deprivation, maybe my brain can revert to something approximating normal. And perhaps I can start blogging again.

Can I point out that blogging would not be possible at all right now if it weren’t for my loverly iPhone – currently I’m in bed with a sleeping child on my chest, which does make weilding a laptop difficult without complicated machinery and muscle strain – but the wonders of the iPhone allow me to blog, shop, check my email and Facebook from wherever I am… Ain’t technology grand?? Thank you to hubby for buying me one! I do think it is a sign of a well designed piece of tech to think one day ‘how did I ever live without ____’. I get down to the office to use the Mac about once a week now – all regular visits to www land are made via the iPhone these days.

So, possible new topics for future posts: babies and small children, breastfeeding, how hormones mess with your head and how having the cat try to sit on your head while you’re blogging doesn’t really help the concentration… This is of course on top of regular topics like poetry, Canadiana and anything else that may pop into my head.

Which, since things are still a little scrambled, may be even more surreal than usual, sorry…


About Beth

Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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One Response to So, it’s been a while…

  1. Anne Peat says:

    Welcome back to the land of the adults!

    It will of course never be the same again. You will never sleep quite so soundly – always one ear listening out for the cry in the night ( and later on the sound of small people up to mischief – and later still for a teenager coming in safely before you get to sleep ).

    But you do get to read a book through sometimes and to watch a TV programme without interruptions eventually.

    Love to you and the little person.

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