Bible Sunday Matins – 28 Oct 07

Just remembered that I hadn’t uploaded my most recent sermon – and it’s almost two weeks ago now! No written sermon this time, as I tried out a new style – just bullet points to make the delivery a bit more natural. You judge whether it was better than my last one, but it felt better to do!

Download the mp3 file here – 9.5 mB


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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2 Responses to Bible Sunday Matins – 28 Oct 07

  1. Mum - in -law says:

    Beth, it came over really well.

    Your story of Grandma Olsen reminded me of a poster I have, which I use when I’m talking about the Bible to youngsters.
    The slogan is
    “Bibles that are falling apart are used by people who aren’t!’

    Then I show them my best Bible ( given when I was a prefect) and my working Bibles ( lots of notes, curled pages and falling to pieces.

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