Winding Down…

So, I find myself on Thursday night wishing that it was Friday evening, as I’m absolutely knackered and want to sleep in tomorrow. It has been some week, let me tell ya.

Ofsted went well – I thought I’d get away with not being observed, but no – they got me last lesson… And I have to say that it’s not the observation I mind, it’s the scary questions afterwards that get ya. The Guy was mostly pleased with my lesson, but pointed out it could have been ‘pacier’, but I did say that my laptop wasn’t connecting to the network that day, hence no resources other than what I’d done the day before, and he accepted that. Some other tough questions about department policy which I could answer (thank goodness!), and a ‘well, this lesson has confirmed some of the things which we have been thinking’ at the end. Good things? Bad things? Have to wait for the official report. But, I think I can say that things went Very Well. 🙂

I’ve also not been feeling great this week, and did take Monday off, mostly through exhaustion. (Would it be evil to take tomorrow off as well??  🙂  ) But, if I can make it through this far, I should be able to get to 3.00 tomorrow… At least my year 10s are rather nice this year, so last lesson should be relatively OK…

Roll on Saturday!


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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