So, we’re back. We’ve been in France for a week, at Taize and other places around Burgundy, staying in La Petit Maison, a cottage owned by this guy we know, and generally having a relaxed time with rather a lot of wine consumption and other stuff. As I’ve now got my own Flickr account (and my own camera!), you’ve got two lots of photos to troll through – mine and Richard’s! Hopefully we didn’t take TOO many duplicates…

I did have a lovely time, even though it rained almost all week, and we broke out the wool blankets and many cups of tea on Thursday – I would have liked to have had cocoa, but that would have meant going out again – brrr… Richard did overhear some guys grumbling in Geneva airport on the way home that they had expected a nice summer walking holiday in the Alps – not snow (!) …

I’m actually still quite tired – I think I need a holiday from my holiday – and although I’m really looking forward to seeing my family at my cousin Jeff’s wedding in two weeks, I can’t even contemplate traveling again just yet! I hope I don’t feel like this when we get back from Toronto, as I’ve got to work on the Monday! Maybe I’ll distract myself with a little hairpin lace crochet and lovely yarns like this… or maybe this… No! Wait! This! Oh, I can’t decide… 😦


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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