Morning ‘discussions’…

Just to settle a ‘discussion’ with my husband, and to clear up the issue in my own mind, please help me out with this one.

Hubby says he’s fixed the problem of ice in the back of the fridge by turning the settings ‘down’. To me, this means making it colder, but then why would the ice melt? This doesn’t make sense. To me, he turned the settings up, thus raising the fridge temperature and making the ice melt.

He then said that he had turned the settings from 1.5 to 1.25, at which point I got all confused about positive and negative numbers (and probably made an ass out of myself – it has been known to happen…) but I still think the end result was that he turned the temperature in the fridge UP, thus melting the ice.

Fridge dial.JPG

Fridge dial.JPG, originally uploaded by Tahbepet.

So, does ‘up’ and ‘down’ here refer to power settings? Direction of the knob? I’m thinking another male brain may be needed to translate for me…

However, I still think the best way to solve the problem of ice in the back of the fridge is to clean the fridge out, thus making it run more efficiently, and keep it at the original temperature (or setting, or whatever…)


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3 Responses to Morning ‘discussions’…

  1. Richard says:

    I turned the dial ‘down’ as the current number indicated was smaller – but that is making it less cold…

  2. Howard says:

    Do you have air-conditioning in your car? When you want to make the car cooler, do you talk about turning the air-con up or down? I turn it UP to make the car cooler, and DOWN again when I get too cold. (“Brrr, turn the air-con down!”)

    The same applies to your fridge, I think.

    In both devices, the UP/DOWN refers not to the temperature but to the power consumed by the device you’re controlling. So Richard turned the setting, or the power, down which had the effect of turning the temperature up.

    N’est pas?

  3. Beth says:

    Thanks for clearing that up!

    I also rendered the point moot this afternoon when I cleaned out said fridge and reset it to 1.5… 🙂

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