Moan, and ye shall recieve…

So, last weekend at Dan and Jasroop’s wedding, I moaned at my husband because he asked me to put the camera in my handbag AGAIN, and it’s rather large when it’s in its case. I said, a bit offhandedly, that it would be nice if I had a camera of my own, and one that was small and would fit nicely in my handbag or pocket. End of conversation.

Until he came home on Tuesday and said that he’d ordered a new, pocket-sized digital camera for me, and that it would arrive this week! And so it did, yesterday, and I must say it’s a pretty amazing little piece of wizardry…  He’s got me a Canon IXUS 850IS (IS stands for Image Stabilisation…) as well as a nifty case and a 2GB chip. From the few photos I’ve snapped of the cat and various plants in the garden, it’s easy to use and takes lovely pics.

The software that comes with it is a bit limited, but fine for the general things I want to do with it. The only thing I’ve found this morning that I can’t do easily (i.e. within 5 minutes of trolling through the edit page – I’ll have a more detailed look later) is resize the image; you can crop it, but compress it; can’t see how it’s done right now. Mind you, I’m not the greatest whiz when it comes to fiddling with photos… The images can be downloaded into iPhoto, though, which will make it easier to do that sort of stuff when I feel the need to get tekkie with it…

The main reason I wanted to edit the photos was icanhascheezburger, and the fact we have a cat, and the fact I’ve created some lolcats this morning… Hey what else are you going to do on a holiday Saturday morning?? 🙂

Sophie's nap

Photo by Richard, caption by me!


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