Two weeks to go…

I know that for many people, most of them parents, having children home for the summer holidays isn’t always a good thing. And I know that the government wants schools to do more about caring for kids outside of class time, starting up clubs that go until 6 pm, that sort of thing. But, damn, am I glad I’ve only got two weeks left to teach… And I wasn’t even teaching today! I was in London on a course, learning about doing practical productions for the media studies course I’m teaching at GCSE. But still, it’s really tiring to catch the train in the mornings and get all annoyed when the tube is canceled, etc…  I really don’t know how people to commute to London every day do it, actually. It’s probably worse because I go into London about twice a year, and usually only once a year on my own, admittedly. And it was made worse by the fact that I can’t seem to read a map and got hopelessly lost coming out of the tube station on my way to the hotel in Kensington where the course was – but that was why I went early, after all, and I did make it before many of the other people…

I have to say that for many teachers the last two weeks are a wind down, with things finishing up and (let’s face it) – films pulled out across the country for ‘educational purposes’… But in my English department, I’ve still got a whole raft of exams and coursework to mark before the end of the week, preferably, which isn’t going to get done, actually. Well, not all of it, at any rate. So, after my sermon on Sunday, it’s back to the grindstone for two weeks of solid exhaustion, and then six weeks off. Technically. After I plan next year’s Media Studies coursework. And write the unit on Richard III. And rewrite the teenager unit for year 8. And read Lyrical Ballads and make notes on it. And tidy up my course on the VLE. And read my book for Book Group. And …

Roll on holidays. Yay.


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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