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So, today and Monday, we have these things at school called ‘Activity Days’. In theory, they help the school to meet some of the government targets on things like teaching the kids about personal finance, helping them with learning how to make life choices, etc as it gives an opportunity for us to get guest speakers and interest groups in to talk to whole year groups at a time as everyone is off timetable (and usually not in uniform). And for the most part, this is good. But today, I think I’m just grumpy because I didn’t feel that I enjoyed it as much as I should.

It has something to do with the fact that although the kids are at school, the teachers aren’t teaching them if they are in a situation where you have a guest speaker in. The kids today are also 1) not in uniform, 2) not in normal classrooms and 3) looking forward to another of these days on Monday, and therefore were a bit more unruly than usual. Add in the facts that it’s three weeks from the end of term (and I am painfully aware that my Canadian colleagues would have finished today… 😦 ) and that the things my group were being asked to do today were relatively complex, and it make for a grumpy and shouty day for me at school. Followed by yoga, which was lovely from a relaxation point of view, but meant my hubby had to endure a 1/2 hour of me snoring on the couch before dinner got made this evening… But I digress.

I perfectly agree with the concept of Activities Days, but I think that the powers that be need to have a think about the events that we come up with for these days. For example, years 8 and 9 had a whole day of ‘It’s a Knockout‘ activities – outside on the field, which given the recent weather phenomena, it’s remarkable they didn’t get wetter than they did… And yes, having these two days together means that year 7 can go off on a long weekend somewhere, but then have some real planning in what we do with the other year groups – which did happen in the case of year 10, but not necessarily so for the other years… Does year 12 have study days, for example?? I didn’t see any year 12s at school today at all.

I also have to say that some preparation in advance of a week ahead and some basic courtesies wouldn’t have gone amiss either – the only reason I knew I was with year 10 instead of year 7 like the rest of my department is because I happened to scrutinize the staff list for my name, not because anyone did anything radical like ask me or anything…

Hmmm, looks like the grumpiness didn’t stop when I left school…

Roll on Monday…

Update: Monday was MUCH better – the activities were more varied, and since we were discussing ‘life skills’ – e.g. sex and drugs and how to make good decisions – the kids seemed to be more enthusiastic… Wonder why?? 🙂 Anyway, the people who organised this day did a great job, and I thought it was enjoyable and useful for the kids as well. Some grumpiness assuaged… :p


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