Celebrations and Odd Things

woohoo2.gifCelebrations: I have just finished the last set of student reports for the year!! And there was much rejoicing! Traditionally in Britain, every parent gets three points of contact with the school each year. When I first started teaching at my current school, that meant one parent’s evening, one ‘tick-box’ report, and an enormous 3 paragraph report for each child in each subject. (Everyone used to complain to me, until I told them I used to have to do that for every kid each term in Canada…) A few years ago, our school went to a system where they have two shorter reports in the year as well as a parent’s evening. Being a teacher of a core subject, this means that I have two reports home during the year as well as a parent’s eveing home to catch up on anything else.

I had my last parent’s evening of the year last Wednesday (32 appointments in 2 1/2 hours – 5 minutes each. By the end it was – ‘Do I actually know your child?? I’m a bit fried…’) which now means I am officially done with the telling parents about their kids!! Well, for this year anyway… It’ll start up again in November with year 11 Parent’s Evening, at which we tell parents their child will fail their exams if they don’t actually start doing work…

I’m also celebrating today because my first year 13 class had their exam today, and the questions weren’t horrible! The three students I had feedback from said they felt pretty confident about their answers, so good there…

puzzled.gif Odd things: taking the register today in my year 10 class, I called out one of the names to be met with the rest of the class saying ‘He’s in hospital Miss! He stabbed himself in the leg and almost died!’ Long story short – be very careful of sharp knives and birthday cake! Looks like it was an actual accident, but very serious, and he’ll be in hospital for a while. Poor kid…

The other odd thing was the thunder storm during dinner – there was a lightning crack almost directly over our house! I’m sure if the cat hadn’t already been under the sofa, she would have shot under there right quick… It did sound like something had been hit, but no smoke in our house, and no sirens nearby, so maybe we’ve escaped… All calm and fine now – lovely sunset!


It does seem as if there were consequences of the storm – next door’s Freeview has been out since, although our Sky satellite dish wasn’t affected. Hmmm…


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