Cake comin’ outta my ears…

… at least that’s what it feels like. I’ve been experimenting with fondant icing on cakes recently, as my friend Jo has asked me to make her wedding cake for this coming Saturday. About a month ago, I made this cake for a neighbouring church, as they were welcoming a new priest to their team ministry:


It was the first time I had used fondant icing, and I wasn’t very pleased with the result – the main problem being that I had bought ready-rolled icing, and you could see where I had to join the two pieces together. Other than that, I was very pleased with the decoration – simple, but elegant, I thought, although the edges are always tricky. I have also had reports that it tasted nice, too, which is always a bonus…

I made this one for an event yesterday at our church – the hand bell ringers held a ringing day at which was held to riase money for our Conservation Fund. I agreed to make it as a fundraiser for the fund as well – the money went to the fund instead of to me…


What’s not very clear from the photo is that it’s twice as large as the previous cake. While the Welcome cake was two layers from a 9×13 cake pan, this one was 4 layers from the same pan – 2x side by side. I then found a picture of a hand bell on the internet to use as a template, and cut out the shapes from white and black icing, stuck them on with edible glue, and painted on the edible gold dust mixed with a little gin (it evaporated, so it’s not alcoholic!!). The gold balls took forever – you have to dab on some icing, and then stick them into it. The small bell shapes are from a 1 inch cookie cutter – I cut out about 15 shapes, and then used them for accent – mostly to cover up the holes in the icing on the corners! The real problem with this one was covering the cake with the fondant icing in the first place. When it was rolled out, it was about 20×24 inches – the cake itself is 12×18. I didn’t have a rolling pin long enough to roll it over, so I folded it – and then couldn’t get the fold marks out… I think I’ve now found a solution to that – I’ve got a postal tube that’s about 30 inches long, which I’ll use for the icing on Jo’s cakes. I am worried about time, though – this cake took me 4 hours to decorate – from the crumb coat to finished look. I don’t have that much time or energy this week!

So now, this week I have to make two 12 inch heart cakes covered in white icing with black hearts as accents. I’ve learned several lessons from this bell cake, and hopefully I can make them smoother and flatter on top – I think I have to make thicker layers of the cake itself so I can trim them flat. So, lots of baking and decorating (and not much marking!) is going to get done this week! Any advice/encouragement/tips/do & don’ts gratefully received!

What am I going to do come the 11th? No wedding cake, year 9 will be done their SATs, year 11 will be on study leave, year 12 will have gone – I’ll be stress free! Yeah right… 🙂


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Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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2 Responses to Cake comin’ outta my ears…

  1. Carla says:

    Wow, I’m impressed. I wouldn’t even ATTEMPT anything like this. I still remember your chicken in salt crust! 🙂 I’m afraid my cooking has become very basic…spag bol, chicken etc. But even if I did have time, I couldn’t hold a candle to you! So there.

    Better get us ready to do some errands rather than sitting on this pooter. Talk to you soon

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks sweetie! God, I havent’ made chicken in salt crust in ages…. Have to try it again sometime!

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