So, it seems that may not need a root canal after all… I did get in to see the emergency dentist yesterday, and he drilled out my old-ish filling (the two-year-old one that replaced the older one) and filled it with something that I think he called ‘sedative cement’ – a temporary filling. (I can’t really remember what he said, as I was still recovering from going through the roof after the sharp tap he administered to the tooth with the butt of his pick to ascertain whether or not it was the right one… Sheesh…) Anyway, he packed me off with my mouth frozen like Siberia and a lot less pain. I came home and went to bed for three hours after yelling at my husband (it’s a good thing he’s forgiving…)

I had an appointment with a regular dentist this morning, who yelled at me because I brush too hard. Apparently I have ‘the gum recession of a 60 year old’, which is rather worrying because I’m 33… But he did recommend an electric toothbrush, which my last dentist also recommended, but I was too cheap to buy at the time… So, now I am the proud owner of a Phillips Sonicare: ‘the sonic toothbrush’…


I haven’t used it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be nifty… Maybe I’ll try it tonight before I go out with the girls. (Mmmmm, minty!!) Apparently the problem is I scrub instead of caress my gums, ’cause I’m in too much of hurry – I need to take my time with me teeth.

So, since I’m supposed to be there in an hour, maybe I’ll go and try out the new fang polisher…

UPDATE: A bit tickly, but the manual says that will pass… Nice feeling otherwise, and it beeps every 30 seconds to let you know when to carry on to the next section of your mouth. Bit posh, that bit…


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