Ode to a Tooth that has Awakened me at 4.30 am on an Idle Tuesday


Ah, illustrious Tooth
that brings pain and awak-ed-ness in the early morn…
Why do you bother me so much of late?
The dentist did his job two years ago to replace your faulty filling –
Why do you now complain and force me away from dreams
of sugarplums and fairies?

Was it the seedy bread which forced your fires to
ignite and burn nightly within the enamel that covers your
slightly stained whiteness? (The tea is to answer for that…)

What have I done to deserve such agony? Have I partaken
of too many Easter eggs again? Toffee has not passed my lips in many a month,
although raisins and dried cranberries and nuts
have oft passed through the fleshy portal
and been ground by your rigidity…

Oh, emergency dentist,
please have an opening when I call on you this morning!
Even the dreaded root canal would be welcome
to rid me of this troublesome agony!

Mr Tooth
Anyone else find this picture disturbing???


About Beth

Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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