Landon Liboiron

OK, how weird is it to find that someone you used to babysit now has their own page on IMBD??? When do his films go on international release?? 🙂

Landon Liboiron

Landon Liboiron


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  2. Asia says:

    Hey Landon
    Pozdrawiam Ciebie. Możesz mi więcej o sobie opowiedzieć
    Yo Yo

  3. ashley says:

    I thought that landon did an awesome job in the movie crossroads a story of forgiveness…. i thought landon was ‘HOT to lol 🙂

  4. SIerra says:

    haha how sweet is it that i go to school with this kind 😉

  5. pili says:

    you babysit landon?

  6. Beth says:

    USED TO babysit him. When he was
    two. Not anymore, obviously, as he’s too old, and I live in a different country…

  7. Raun Davis says:


    If anyone knows who Landon’s agent or manager is, please contact me at either or

    I would like to send him a script for a film I’m in development on that will be shot in San Francisco (and LA), but the character’s scenes are in San Francisco.

    I can also be reached at 001.619.866.7543 (San Diego) or my LA Cellular which is 001.310.927.3456.

    Thank you for your time.

    Warm Regards,

    Raun Davis
    The Electric Grasshopper
    Electric Grasshopper Entertainment
    Cherokee Nation Films
    2303 Pointsettia Drive
    San Diego, California 92106
    PEACE OUT!!!!

  8. Alannah says:

    Does anyone know if Landon has like, a fanmail thing, or anything?
    I think he’s amazing 🙂
    it’d be great if you did,
    thanks so much!

  9. ximihk says:

    does anybody knows how amny yrs does he have????

  10. Natalie says:

    Hey landon, do you remeber when i kissed you in grade 9???? it was awomse!!!!!!!!(L)

  11. Beaux says:

    Landon… ur awwwsome 🙂
    vry hot too… 😛

  12. Thip From Thailand says:

    I wonna say I love you.

  13. Rizka says:

    Hey Landon,,,you are so cute,,,n yiu are the best actor,,,,dont trust natalie said,,she is lie,,,hwahwahaea

  14. darkwings says:

    whaaa i watched his movie the crossroads and he was really good and superrr hot. i like him so much if anyone knows landon liboiron please contact with me in…. he’s superr cool and hot.. whaaaa luv u

  15. khrisa says:

    hi…does any1 no hw old he is and his b-day 2 f anyone knows please contact me in k_almeda@yahoocom. tnx

  16. hi!Landon,.,,i like the movie..”crossroads:a story of forgiveness,,,,,,,,,,,,,ur so very good,,,,,,,

  17. hope,u have more movie to come,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ,,,,hiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!ur so very good!!!!!!!!!and so cute,,,,,!!!!!

  19. anh Landon dễ thường lắm trông anh rất dễ thương và đẹp trai

  20. mo^t. bu0^i? sang’ dep. tr0*i` , em ra noi’ v0*i’ anh m0^t. ca^u “Em iu anh la(m’ “,anh noi’ lai. “Anh cung~ iu em “

  21. rachelle says:

    landon…honestly speaking… how old are you? i think i saw you in k-mart last sunday with a girl…i think?…

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