Things to do at 4 am…

  1. Listen to the cat whinge for an early breakfast.
  2. Check the news ‘back home’ on the CBC. Be shocked and appalled at how Canada has changed since you left. Ruminate on what life might have been like if you’d stayed.
  3. Update classes on the VLE.
  4. Freak out colleagues by sending them emails at 4.30 am on a Sunday.
  5. Decide which book on the ‘unread’ pile to read next.
  6. Make several cups of tea.
  7. Decide that reading the next literary classic is definitely too ambitious for early hours on a Sunday. Toss in favour of YouTube.
  8. Update bookmarks.
  9. Visit the loo several times. See item 6.
  10. Discover Bookmarks Toolbar on Firefox and fill with inane websites. (Missed any about toast, however…)
  11. Visit friend’s blogs and moan about how you never have time to blog.
  12. Freeze to death because the heating is off at night. Lovely and warm upstairs. Unfortuately, you’re downstairs at the dining table…
  13. Give in to the cat and give her an early breakfast.
  14. Delete and rearrange websites in toolbar. Go for worthy rather than inane. Give up as being too pretentious. Settle for ‘useful – maybe’.
  15. Think about marking the exercise books you didn’t mark yesterday. Laugh and decide to lie down because you’re obviously going insane from lack of sleep…
  16. Get up again because you’ve remembered the hard way that coughing while lying down is the reason you were up at 4 am anyway.
  17. Whinge online about being ill.
  18. Think about advertising online (maybe on ebay??) for a new set of lungs.
  19. Catch up on hubby’s blog.
  20. Sigh. 7 am. Maybe I can skip church this morning…

About Beth

Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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