drafting bits of prose
and summaries of poems –
Sundays are for rest?

marking books that
are untouched except in class –
why is my rest disturbed?

set good example
by doing your own work well –
who notices that?

student homework done?
Seldom. Why then is my week’s
end broken with toil?

teacher grumbles on
while students rest and revel
in their foolishness…


About Beth

Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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4 Responses to Homework

  1. Hari says:

    Nice! (I hope I never made my English teachers feel that way…)

  2. Beth says:

    We all get grumpy sometimes… Beware of teachers with blogs!!

  3. globalscribe says:

    So true! and well worded!

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