Ooooo, inaugural posting…

Well, here ’tis. I’ve started a blog of my own in order to give my writing a chance to breathe, as my bitty poems were getting lost among the larger postings on Exigency in Specie. This did take place after great discussion with my husband, and I’ve promised to keep posting to the regular blog, and to keep this for writing and musings about other people’s writing.

So, I hope you enjoy, and don’t get too upset with my meanderings…


About Beth

Canadian English teacher living in the UK with husband, daughter, imminent baby and cat...
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4 Responses to Ooooo, inaugural posting…

  1. Hugh Baker says:

    Hi Beth,

    It is your weird old uncle, Kindly Wise!

    I am glad to see you utterances placed in a position of prominence. I hang on th cusp of anticipation of the next profundity.

    Speaking of which, where does that guy at get off calling EVERYBODY “dishcloth cotton” ? I find his questions to be flawed.
    For example, question 2
    If you could only choose one, which type of pet would you own?

    Where is the selection for “reptiles” or “Honkin’ Big Insects” ??

    and Question 3: Your perfect day would feature:

    there is no selection for: “A roaring fire, hot tea, and a microscope to look at the scludge collected on along walk on the beach”

    and under Pick a Motto, there is no selection for “Salvation, yes, but if people really WANT to go to Hell who am I to stand in their way?”

    and under
    Which of these topics are you most likely to discuss?

    “Best foods to cook/consume while the world is going to hell in a handbasket”

    And Ideally, wouldn’t we all like to live on The Lizard?

    Best wishes


  2. Hugh Baker says:

    Say, Bethm do you know whether I can use html codes in these comments??

  3. Beth says:


    I do agree about Dishcloth Boy – at least he could have been a bit more imaginative with his options! 🙂

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